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      Jan 06, 2018

15 Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About Vegetables

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Hello kids, today we want to share you 15 fun and interesting facts about vegetables!

In a world that really needs to eat more vegetables, I’d say we can all celebrate by adding more greens, reds, oranges, etc. to our plate today, and every day.

To make your vegetable consumption more fun, here are 15 cool facts about vegetables illustrated by Captain Scoop that will get you thinking twice about what you’re adding to your colorful plate.

  1. Radishes were paid as “wages” to the Ancient Egyptian laborers who built the Pyramids.
  2. A popular science experiment in schools involves attaching electrodes to a lemon and using it as a battery to power a light.
  3. While cooking cabbage, it is advisable that utensils made of aluminum are not used, as aluminum cookware might cause the chemical reaction that discolors the vegetables and also might alter the flavor.
  4. Eggplant is known as ” crazy apple” in Italy due to widespread belief that diet rich en eggplants lead to madness.
  5. Broccoli was once considered “exotic” in home gardens.

  6. Pumpkin first appeared in the 17th century when the Cinderella fairy tale was written.
  7. The city of Chicago is named after garlic. “Chicagaoua” was the Indian word for wild garlic.
  8. Potatoes were the first food to be grown in space. In 1996, potato plants were taken into space with the space shuttle Columbia.
  9. Corn is a member of the grass family.
  10. It is true that eating massive amounts of carrots can sometimes cause a person’s skin to turn yellowish orange.
  11. Hold a slice of bread in your mouth to avoid crying while cutting onions.
  12. A tomato is a fruit.
  13. Mushrooms have their own immune system.
  14. Using a pen and make a mistake? Take the outside of the cucumber and slowly use it to erase the pen writing.
  15. Dying your hair with beets is a great way to add a temporary reddish tint to your strands, without dealing with any nasty chemicals.

And if you like to draw and color some vegetables, just take a look at our video guide here:
Draw and Color Vegetables Video

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