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      Jan 06, 2018

Top 12 Pokemon Fun Facts For Kids

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Hi, Kids! Today we’ll show you some fun Pokemon Facts that will blow your mind. Let’s explore…

1.) Slowpokes can technically de-evolve

2.) Vulpix is born with one tail and grows more with age

3.) Blaziken’s original artwork resembles Latias and Latios and is depicted soaring across the sky

4.) Torchic’s original design had wing-like extensions on its head

5.) Qwilfish’s early design is called Bukū and resembles a more simple designed Qwilfish with fins

6.) Nurse Joys in earlier games used the phrase “We hope to see you again” after healing your Pokemon, and influenced many to believe that Nurse Joy wanted to see your Pokemon suffer again.

7.) The only way to catch a Drifblim in DPP is on Friday at the Valley Windworks

8.) Arbok’s design has changed throughout the generations.

9.) Technically speaking, the rarest Pokemon you can ever get in any of the games are Mew and Jirachi. This means they are the only Pokemon to technically not be released yet, having no events or encounters without cheating.

10.) Jynx is one of the most controversial Pokemon ever to exist. It’s blackened ”skin” in the first generation was changed to purple in the American version in the second gen and into all versions further on

11.) Wailord, Kecleon, and even Surskit in some areas are just one example of Pokemon with a 1% chance of encountering. (in this example, in the Hoenn region)

12.) VERY many don’t give them enough credit for them, but Wailord and a Relicanth are one of the most important Pokemon in the series. They are the key to unlocking the legendary golems in Hoenn.



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